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Conference Service Center

29.01.09New office
Since 1 January 2009, Conference Service Center LLC has changed its location by having moved to its own office situated in the city center
More> 25.01.09New site
Our site has been put in operation again after long reconstruction



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Conference Service Center - conference, congresses and meeting organisation in Kiev

Conference Service Center LLC was founded in 1994. The company’s main operational goal is to support nonprofit organizations’ activities through the provision of high-quality conference services at the best possible prices.

Work experience
Conference Service Center conducts about 400 events all over Ukraine and Russia for a year.
Having mastered the skill of winning under any circumstances, we achieve a desirable outcome for our clients at the same time.

Our goal
Excellent servicing in the domain of conference services
Quality service oriented on successful results

An existing solid base of regular corporate clients allows us to work with other organizations by reference, with no additional advertising means. This strengthens mutual trust between ourselves and our new clients considerably.

Our advantages

  • Flexibility and promptness both when preparing an event and conducting it
  • Our own material and technical base
  • Securing a complex of services both on the tender basis and through a one-off agreement
  • Assigning a single manager to execute orders, prepare and close events, and obtain feedback

We are ready to prove our professionalism not barely in word but truly in deed.
We therefore invite you to use our services on beneficial terms with a minimum prepayment and a possibility of post-event payment.



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